5 Things to Know About How to Claim Your Whirlpool Warranty

5 Things to Know About How to Claim Your Whirlpool Warranty

  • 06 May, 2024
  • By Brenda Wilson

Have a Whirlpool appliance that needs to be repaired? If your purchase was recent enough, your machine may still be under warranty. All you need to do is submit a claim, and Whirlpool may repair or replace your appliance at no cost to you.

Here’s all you need to know about Whirlpool’s warranty coverage and how you can submit a claim in 2024.

1. Warranty periods vary across Whirlpool’s product line.

As a rule of thumb, Whirlpool appliance warranties last for at least one year from the date of purchase, but the specifics vary from product to product. For example, a Whirlpool stove warranty length is one year. A Whirlpool microwave warranty is also one year, as are warranties for ovens, ranges, washing machines, and dryers.

Other Whirlpool appliances, however, have extended coverage for specific parts and components. Whirlpool refrigerators’ warranties include one year of coverage for the entire appliance and an additional four years of coverage for the sealed refrigeration system, which includes the compressor, evaporator, condenser, dryer, and connecting tubing. Whirlpool warranty its dishwashers for one year, but the company provides an extra year of coverage for the dishwasher filter and an extra four years for the electronic control system. Parts-specific extended coverage might not include the cost of labor.

Some appliance models may have unique warranty terms. You can refer to your product’s documentation or Whirlpool’s website for more targeted information.

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2. Whirlpool’s warranty does not cover all kinds of damage.

Whirlpool’s appliance warranties are limited. The company will repair or replace your appliance if it fails because of defective parts or poor workmanship during the warranty period. These conditions exclude coverage of other kinds of damage and expenses. Whirlpool’s warranty will not cover the following:

·       Damage caused by misuse, abuse, or accidents

·       Discoloration, rust, scratches, or other kinds of cosmetic damage

·       Damage to appliances that were improperly installed

·       Appliance failures that result from the use of non-Whirlpool parts

Whirlpool will also not cover the costs of pick up or delivery. The company will not pay to remove, repair, or replace built-in fixtures that may house appliances.

Finally, bear in mind that the benefits of Whirlpool’s limited warranty are meant for customers who use the company’s products in residential settings. Using an appliance for commercial or multi-family applications will void the warranty.

3. You will need documentation at the ready when you submit a claim.

Before you submit a Whirlpool warranty claim and schedule service, the company recommends troubleshooting your appliance. Whirlpool’s Product Help page enumerates step-by-step procedures to help users resolve common issues.

If Whirlpool’s troubleshooting guide fails to resolve your problem, you can submit a claim by calling the Whirlpool Customer Experience Center. You will need some important information at hand to follow through with the claim process. This includes:

·       Model number

·       Serial number

·       Proof of purchase, including the retailer’s name and address

·       Detailed description of your problem

4. You can use Whirlpool’s site to check your warranty and schedule service.

Whirlpool outlines its appliance warranty terms in the printed documentation that comes with each product. But no need to worry if you have misplaced your owner’s manual. You can find detailed warranty information on the Manual & Literature page on Whirlpool’s website. All you need is your appliance’s model number, which is printed somewhere on the appliance itself.

If your appliance is eligible for repair under warranty, you can also schedule service online. Alternatively, you can contact the Whirlpool Customer eXperience Center over the phone to arrange for a service call.

5. Whirlpool offers extended warranty coverage.

What happens when your appliance warranty expires? Under ordinary circumstances, you are then responsible for all repair or replacement costs when a problem arises. Whirlpool does offer extended warranty service, however.

Whirlpool extended warranties provide a number of guarantees. These include:

·       Service support from Whirlpool-certified technicians

·       U.S.-based customer support

·       Whirlpool brand parts and components

·       No deductible costs

·       Appliance replacements when repair is not feasible or possible

Costs vary by appliance. An extended Whirlpool front load washer warranty starts at $44.95 for one year of coverage. Extended refrigerator coverage is priced similarly. One year of extended dishwasher coverage is $39.95, and dryer and range coverage are cheaper still at $34.95.

Customers can customize the length of a Whirlpool extended warranty. The company allows for a maximum of five years of coverage following the expiration of the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Note that you must purchase an extended protection plan before a problem arises. Whirlpool’s plans are designed to be a kind of insurance rather than an after-the-fact repair solution.

An appliance model number and serial number are required to purchase an extended warranty from Whirlpool. Service plans are not eligible for appliances used in commercial settings.

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Other Extended Whirlpool Coverage Options

Some homeowners opt for third-party extended coverage of home appliances. Rather than purchasing coverage through Whirlpool directly, you can get a policy from a home warranty company.

Home warranty coverage may not be able to guarantee Whirlpool factory-certified parts and components, but it can provide additional coverage options that Whirlpool does not. For example, you may be able to bundle coverage for a range of home appliances and systems, from your refrigerator and microwave to plumbing and HVAC systems. Ultimately, whether a stand-alone Whirlpool warranty or an all-encompassing home warranty is the better choice is dependent on your home and your needs.

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